August 2004 - WVCO Builds Manufacturing Plant in Two Harbors, MN

Willamette Valley Company made a decision to build a new manufacturing facility in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The plant is close to several customer locations, which allows WVCO to offer better service and become more cost competitive. Concepts from existing WVCO locations were considered in the development process of the new facility. The New Setup Willamette Valley Company took possession of a 37,500 square foot building in September and started production in January. The first two production units are primer and OSB coatings. The OSB coatings are the primary production items at this facility. The main equipment components for our OSB area include the 5,200-gallon letdown tank, a 1,500-gallon letdown tank, a 50 HP disperser and a 25 HP disperser. This provides the flexibility to produce any batch size from a 55-gallon drum to a 5,200-gallon tanker load. The primer area is set up for large bulk volumes. We have a 125 HP disperser with a 1,500-gallon tank and a 4,000-gallon letdown tank. Growth and Quality Two Harbors has steadily increased production from 28,500 gallons in February, 57,100 gallons in April to a record 93,325 gallons in June. The initial goal was to service 6 mills and with the growth in business, we are currently supplying 10 mills. The prospects look good for adding another 5 mills over the next few months. Quality is a top priority at this facility. A QC bench has been setup to allow quicker feedback on the quality tests for our products. Quality records are stored and maintained to help analyze data and produce Certificates of Analysis that meet customer?s needs and requirements.

Sunday, August 1, 2004

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