July 2003 - WVCO Builds Paint Manufacturing Facility

In July, 2003, the results of continued growth by the WVCO Southern Division became obvious again. The new production facility sprang into action! As market demand increased, the need to become more efficient was obvious. Efficiency had become compromised partly by increasing production activity without increasing the space required to efficiently produce paints, putties, and fillers. Warehouse space was not sufficient to hold the raw materials and finished goods required to meet customer needs. A new multi-purpose facility was designed as part of a process intended to increase efficiency and prepare for market growth. This facility has three primary functions. Paint Production The roughly 20,000 square foot of paint production area was designed with efficiency in mind. Storage tanks were removed from the old tank farm to the new building, increasing warehouse area. This increased putty production by creating more workroom and warehouse area for putty production and raw material inventory. This increased inventory efficiency, offering the opportunity to receive larger purchases of raw materials. Now, tight inventory management can enhance profitability in today's highly competitive market. At the same time, new connectivity for unloading tank trucks was installed. A large manufacturing area was designed to maximize production in the new facility. New paint mixing equipment was purchased and put in place. Larger batches can now be produced. This increased manufacturing capacity and decreased manufacturing cost. Now, WVCO can produce over 7,000 gallons of CBS Coatings per shift in their new facility. The newly installed equipment allows for modifications that can triple that capacity. From the new Production Manager's office, he can monitor his team's daily progress and continue to lead in process flow improvement. This new facility gives the Production Manager a place from which to guide his team to new levels of success. Research and Development In addition to new paint production facilities, this building contains a new research and development office and lab. Chemist's duties include support for present formulations, product quality assurance, and development of new formulations per customer requirements. They also assists with process flow, working to increase efficiency in daily production operations. Technology Training Room Setup of a new training room above the R&D area was supported to meet the growing technology needs of WVCO's Southern Operations. The Southern Division Service crew has been in Microsoft Office training to prepare them to present polished, professional reports on their work to each customer. Customer Service Representatives are learning how to get the most out of IFS using queries and special Excel functions. This resource is designed to support many of WVCO's diverse training needs, including not just support for Pineville and Conyers production, but even for facilities as far away as Chile. An extension to the training room is the Production Conference Room. This full service conference area is designed as a center to brainstorm improvements for all Southern Operations. Partitions allow for simultaneous meetings in a relaxed, but professional atmosphere. Hope for the Future New facilities bring the opportunity for exciting new directions and adventures for the WVCO team. The Customer Service team sees this as an occasion to better serve our customers with reduced lead times, more flexibility, and more opportunity for growth. The Willamette Valley Company. Working to make better things and to make things better!

Tuesday, July 1, 2003

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