Polyurea Geomembranes: High Performance Seamless Liners

Although polyurea geomembranes have been successfully used in the market for several years, technical information and performance evaluations are virtually nonexistent. Furthermore, when referring to construction specifications for polyurea geomembranes, physical properties of the coating and geotextile are listed rather than those of the geomembrane. Polyurea geomembranes have unique properties and they deserve the same comprehensive testing and reporting as the components used to form them. In this study, properties of polyurea geomembranes based on different geotextiles are reported and their characteristics are contrasted with traditional prefabricated liners. Woven, nonwoven, and spunlaid geotextiles were used to create the polyurea geomembranes, and tested in two orientations according to methods for elastomeric coatings and coated fabrics. Peel adhesions between the polyurea coating and geotextile revealed an unexpected high result for a woven geotextile. The polyurea geomembranes exhibited low permeability, and greater tensile strength, puncture resistance, and tear resistance than traditional thermoplastic liners.


Friday, January 1, 2010

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