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Secondary Containment

POLYQuik Spray Coatings provide seamless, monolithic membranes over geotextile (earthen berms), concrete or asphalt. POLYQuik spray coatings have great chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance with minimum down time.


POLYQuik P-480 effectively protects against fuels, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8 and general hydrocarbon attack.


Our offering of products for the transportation sector continues to grow. We now offer POLYQuik Roadway Repair materials, Joint Fillers and Light-Rail Grout. POLYQuik spray elastomers continue to provide superior coatings for railroad cars, truck bedliners, airport runways, taxi joints and other transportation applications.


The USDA has approved POLYQuik P-480 for the following purposes: lining of food trucks, food storage bins, fertilizer bins and protection of processing plant floors.

Utility and Power

POLYQuik spray coatings provide secondary containment for substations, electrical vaults, PCB containment and cooling towers.

Water, Waste-water and Manhole Rehabilitation

POLYQuik P-480 supports manhole rehabilitation by protecting concrete and steel surface at waste-water treatment plants in L.A. County, see "Evaluation of Protective Coatings for Concrete."

Freezer, Cold Storage, and Clean Rooms

Freezers requiring sub-zero constant temperature and clean rooms benefit from the superior performance of POLYQuik spray coatings, floor coatings and joint sealants.

Mining Applications

POLYQuik Spray polyurea and joint sealants are approved by Mine Safety and Health Administration (ASTM E162) for optimal performance in underground mines, chemical tanks and pond liners.

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