Concrete Repair Products

POLYQuik Fastpatch concrete repair products are fast curing, tough materials. Each product is designed with ready-to-use packaging to meet needs your application.

TitleDescriptionTypical Uses
FastPatch AC Asphalt and concrete roadway repair Fill voids, defects and damaged areas in roadways, parking lots, warehouses and sidewalks.
FastPatch DPR Distressed pavement repair Parking lots, warehouses, sidewalks and roadways.

FastPatch HC

High compression strength that sets quickly.

Concrete foundations and footings, anchor bolts or rebar.

FastPatch LV Fast setting, water-like viscosity, for below and above freezing conditions. Cracks and spalls in roadways, warehouse and freezer floors.
FastPatch MD/GC Flexible spall repair in ready-to-use kits with gravel. Roadway, warehouse floors, and dock repairs.
FastPatch NS Fast setting, sag resistant, and trowelable ready-to-use kit for vertical or sloped concrete. Pillars, curbs, sidewalks.
FastPatch SC Flexible spall repair in ready-to-use kits with sand. Roadway, warehouse floors, and dock repairs.
POLYQuik PolyPrime Fast-setting polyurethane primer for cooler climates Concrete and steel substrates

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