Fillers & Sealants

POLYQuik Fillers and Sealants can be used to repair and prepare a variety of surfaces. We offer a wide range of products to assist in substrate preparation for coating with POLYQuik systems. We offer a wide range of systems for application over concrete joints and spalls, wood and coatings.

TitleDescriptionTypical Uses
CJF Control Joint Filler Concrete control joints for warehouse floors
CJF-CC Control Joint Filler Industrial concrete floor joints
EJC-25 Highly flexible expansion joint filler Expansion joints, infrastructure repair
EJC-50 Rapid setting ezpansion joint sealant Expansion joints, infrastructure repair
EJC-NS Non sag, flexible expansion joint filler Vertical expansion joints, infrastructure repair
Famocrete Fast setting, sag resistant, universal cartridge applied for horizontal or vertical repairs Cartridge dispensed repair of cracks, joints and pillars.
FastPatch CT Rapid roadway repair Pour or dispense voids in concrete roads
HPU-Filler NS Flexible filler, non-sag Filling vertical or horizontal joints or voids in wood, concrete and coatings

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