Floor Coatings

POLYQuik floor coatings offer excellent abrasion, corrosion, and UV and chemical resistance. These rapid-curing coatings offer quick turnaround times resulting in substantial savings in both application time and labor costs. POLYQuik floor coatings can be combined with colored chip, flake and aggregate for decorative application, while sand and other aggregates can be incorporated for industrial applications where slip-resistance is essential.

TitleDescriptionTypical Uses
Epoxy Primer Low viscosity, zero VOC, epoxy coating Concrete substrates above 50°F
P-540 Roll/Spray applied polyurea Floor coating with aggregate for slip resistance.
P-670 Roll/Squeegee applied polyurea coating Rapid-cure aliphatic coating for floors at all temperatures and humidity
P-690 Roll/Squeegee applied polyurea coating. Fast-cure aliphatic floor coating.

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