Spray Coatings

POLYQuik spray elastomers are tough, fast-curing coatings that are 100% solids, and offer excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, UV, and chemicals. POLYQuik spray elastomers are tailored for applications, whether it is OEM or construction, and they are based on polyurea (P-series) or hybrid polyurea technology (HPU-series).

These flexible coatings can be applied on almost any substrate including concrete, metal, wood, and geotextiles to create geomembranes for earthen areas. In all of these markets, POLYQuik spray elastomers offer unique properties and substantial savings in application time and labor.

TitleDescriptionTypical Uses
HPU-1207 Spray-on bedliner Truck beds and utility trailers
HPU-1227 Protective elastomeric coating Industrial applications and OEM parts
HPU-1653 Slip resistant coating Loading ramps and flooring
HPU-1734 High hardness coating Coating for steel, EPS and wood
P-480 High performance polyurea elastomer Protective coating for secondary containment
P-500 High elongation polyurea Cold spray and extended set time
P-700 Waterproof protective coating Waterproofing, protective coating for metal and concrete, abrasion resistant coating for floors and tanks.

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