Research and Development

WVCO scientists who develop POLYQuik products are located in Eugene, Oregon. This dynamic group has more than 75 years combined experience in product development and application.

Our collaborative team of scientists and engineers consists of more than 45 members, the majority of whom hold either a PhD, MS or ME. We are active in many professional associations including PDA, NACE, SSPC, CPI, APA, PMA, ASPE and ASQ.

Our laboratories and research centers are located in Oregon, Georgia, Louisiana and Chile. Our R&D facilities, with their sophisticated analytical technologies, are often utilized in partnership with industry associations.

POLYQuik products are tested and developed to the most stringent standards. Product performance is verified at our R&D facilities in accordance with ASTM methods and other industry standards. We never compromise our product development. Systems are thoroughly evaluated for performance with the latest in application equipment, physical properties testing, weather exposure, adhesion testing, chemical resistance testing and much more.

R&D Instruments

Instron 5565
TA Instruments AR2000
TA Instruments DMA Q800 MTS 858 Servo-Hydraulic
Nicolet FT-IR Magna-IR 560 Horiba Particle Size Analyzer
Q-Sun Xenon Test Chamber
QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester
Micro Climate Environmental Chamber Taber 5130

In-House Testing Capabilities

DescriptionTest Method
Abrasion ASTM C957
Adhesion - Peel, Pull, Lap-shear ASTM D903, ASTM D4541, ASTM D3164, ASTM C794
Chemical Resistance ASTM D471
Compressive Modulus ASTM C575
Compressive Set ASTM C395
Cure Profile ASTM D2471, ASTM D5895
Dielectic Strength ASTM D149
Dynamic Deflection ASTM D5992
Dynamic Testing - MTS Servohydraulic Tensile/Compressive
Dynamic Testing - Railroad ties and light rail Cyclic load
Grab Tensile & Elongation ASTM D751
Hardness ASTM D2240
Hydrostatic Pressure ASTM D5385
Moisture Vaper Transmission ASTM E96
Moisture - RH Probe, surface, wood ASTM D4263, ASTM F2170
Rheology ASTM D4878
Servo Hydraulic WVCO
Static Coefficient of Friction ASTM D4918
Tensile, Elongation, Tear ASTM D412, ASTM D624
Trapezoid Tear ASTM D4533
VOC Content ASTM D2369
Volume Resistivity ASTM D257
Xenon Arc ASTM D6695

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